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Great Eastern's official response to Picketing 2.0 

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  -  Mar 27, 2013
The main points of Great Eastern's official response to Picketing 2.0:
  1. The management has met with the agency associations several times last year and beginning of this year.
  2. Many issues have been resolved through the meetings.
  3. The core request of the associations is a new agency contract.
  4. The associations want the new agency contract to be effective from 1/1/2013.
  5. The new contract involves redistribution of agency commissions.
  6. This would result in the increase in commissions for the minorities but reduction for the majorities.
  7. Although the cost impact to the company is neutral, the company disagrees with the proposal as it has responsibility to balance the interest of all stakeholders.
大馬總公司發文告表示遺憾 - Guang Ming 對小部份代理員於週二下午今午在大東方大廈前進行集體糾察,大東方人壽保險(馬)有限公司發表文告表示遺憾。


Posted by Loo Hai Wednesday, March 27, 2013 7:16:00 PM Categories: Great Eastern picketing
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